Did You Know 92% of New Year's Resolutions Fail?

Don't be fooled into another "doomed-to-fail" resolution.  This is the year of CHANGE!

Ready to get started on the road to a new you? Keep reading to find out what you’ve got to do this the year to make the new you happen!


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28 Day Challenge!

February 1-28

 The holidays are over … but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably noticed they left something behind: bloat, fatigue and maybe even a few extra pounds!


Chances are your jeans aren’t zipping up as easily as they did just a couple months ago... and by 2 pm you’re feeling sluggish and tired. Plus, you’re craving ALL the carbs just to keep you going! This just leads to more fatigue… more bloating… and so the cycle begins.


It’s time to start the NEW YEAR off strong and with a bulletproof plan!What if I told you that in AS LITTLE AS 2 days, you could start feeling less “puffy” and more energetic…and that in just 28 days, those jeans will be zipping up even easier than they did before!? No, it’s not magic. By implementing a few tweaks in what you’re already eating, you can see massive changes in the way you look and feel.


I’ve put together an AMAZING New Year’s Challenge… all new for 2019 that’ll get you back on-track in just four short weeks! No, I’m NOT talking about drastically cutting your calories for weeks on end or cutting out entire food groups. Been there, done that… and it just doesn’t work! Instead, this challenge is all about flooding your body with the nutrition it craves …delicious, healthy whole foods that satisfy your tastebuds, leaving you feeling energized and your skin glowing!


You’ve got the opportunity to make 2019 one of the BEST YEARS of your life! We’d love to be a part of that journey with you and help you feel and look your best. Let’s do this together!


Our 28-Day New Year’s Challenge is focused on getting great RESULTS all while keeping it super-simple. We’re starting on: February 1st! And I’m opening up 25 spots for this program (and I know they’re going to fill up fast!) 

To ensure that you accomplish your New Year's Resolution, stick with a goal that is realistic rather than intimidating. Check out these examples:

Instead of resolving to lose 70 pounds by summer, commit to exercise 3-4 times each week.

Instead of resolving to give up all carbs, commit to bring healthy lunches to work instead of going through a fast food drive thru.


Instead of resolving to drop 3 sizes in 3 months, commit to losing 1 pound each week until you reach your goal weight.


Instead of resolving to never eat out again, commit to eating healthy all week and rewarding yourself with one meal out on the weekends.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. If you struggle to believe that, it’s probably because of a history of failed resolutions. This year, however, you owe it to yourself to become the new person you want to be. Not in order to impress other people. You’re going to do it to remind yourself that yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to—you can become a better person.

Ready to get started on the road to a new you?

So as far as I'm concerned, New Year resolutions just don't work!


I have a ton of clients who I help lose weight and get in better shape. And one of the things I teach them from day one is that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, whenever you want it. 


You don't need permission from anyone. And you don't need to wait for New Year's.


So just dump the idea of resolutions and let me tell you about my New Year Revolution Las Vegas Challenge weight loss and fitness program. 

Results-Driven Workouts every week at our facility (great for any level)


28 Days of Dietitian-Approved Meal Plans


Print-&-Go Grocery Lists to make your shopping a breeze


Complete Recipe Manual loaded with healthy, delicious, and simple-to-make recipes!


Daily motivation to keep you on track and accountable to your goals


Plus you’ll get tons of support along the way.

Since the program starts on February 1st, and I don't have a huge place, I can't take on more than 25 people for this challenge. At $147, I priced it for just about any budget and I'm guessing it's going to fill up FAST because I'm sending this challenge out to several hundred people on my email list. 


Now that you know that a "resolution" is not the answer (and ultimately doomed to fail) Just click the button below and register to discover REAL long term results! 

Committed to your health and fitness,

Mark Hall

Hallmark Bodies Fitness

P.S. There is one small thing you must do to qualify for this six week weight loss fitness program. You have to promise me to NEVER have a new year resolution again, okay? Because YOU can achieve anything you want, whenever you want! 

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